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Our Accounting Services

You Help Your Patients, We'll Help You

Knight CPA Group helps alleviate the back-office burden by offering the services that you, as a long term care provider, need. We deliver all services through cloud applications to provide you with real-time, anywhere, any device access to all of your data. Our bundled packages seamlessly integrate your accounting and reporting needs with payroll, cost reporting, and tax prep into a convenient fixed monthly fee. While we highly recommend one of our bundled packages, we also offer stand-alone cost reporting and tax preparation services.

Our Simple Accounting Success Plan


We help you create a plan

We start by looking at your current situation and discover what it is that you need help with and where you want to be. We help you declare goals for your business and create an action plan to achieve those goals.


We take over the accounting tasks that you don’t want to do

Whether you have internal accounting staff or not, we fill in the gaps where you need us. We provide month-end close and reporting or handle it all, even paying the bills.


We help turn insight into action and hit your goals

We meet with you regularly throughout the year to review your financial statements, performance metrics, operational goals or concerns and plan appropriately so you can be confident in where your business is headed.

Our Bundled Packages



Month-End Reporting

  • Financial statements
  • Performance indicators and metrics
  • Budgeting vs actuals
  • Coaching call to discuss results


  • 72 hours or less email support response time
  • Phone consultation – up to 30 minutes per month

Cost Reporting

Tax Preparation & Planning

Prices Starting at

$1,250 Per Month


Includes Reporting Package Plus:

Maintain General Ledger

  • Maintain all data feeds
  • Review coding of all transactions
  • Monitor all electronic data integrations

Month-End Close

  • Reconcile all accounts: banks, credit cards, loans, intercompany accounts
  • Post journal entries as needed: revenue accruals, prepaids, payroll allocations


  • 48 hours or less email support response time
  • Phone consultation – up to 2 hour per month

Prices Starting at

$1,750 Per Month

Complete Back Office

Includes Accounting Package Plus:

Accounts Payable Management

  • Setup and administer bill payment system
  • Process all bills for payments
  • Provide digital access to all invoices and paid bills

Track Credit Card Expenses & Receipts

Process Employee Expense Reports & Payments


  • 24 hours or less email support response time
  • Phone consultation – up to 4 hour per month

Prices Starting at

$2,250 Per Month

We LOVE Cost Reporting, So You Don't Have To

Why Cost Reporting is Important

Accurate cost reporting is essential to the financial health of not only your agencies, but also the industry as a whole, that’s why you need a dedicated team—one that knows the critical elements of the Medicare cost reports that you are required to complete and how to ensure your costs and expenses are accurately reported. We help by taking the burden of CMS compliance off your shoulders and make it easy for your agency to do their part in reflecting the TRUE operating costs of a healthcare provider – because this is how CMS sets future payment rates.

Our All-Inclusive Approach

We remove the burden of completing complicated forms, schedules, and questionnaires off of you by doing that work for you. We ask for the source data so that we can compile the information for you.

Compliance and Accuracy

Our cost report experts review your trial balance to ensure all costs are recorded correctly with regards to CMS reporting regulations. We allocate your payroll to all proper cost centers, properly categorize non-allowable costs and ensure everything is accurately reflected on your cost report.

Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Post-acute and long term care is the only industry we serve, thus our expertise is concentrated right where you need it. We are always up-to-date on all of the latest regulatory changes and stay actively engaged in various industry associations.

Our baseline pricing for Medicare cost reports is as follows:

Home Health and Hospice Facilities $2,900
Nursing Facilities $3,750

Tax Time Doesn’t Have to be Stressful, We’re Here to Help

Our Modern Process

Our filing process provides a seamless digital experience from gathering your tax documents to filing your return electronically.

Compliance and Preparation

Maximize your tax situation and avoid expensive penalties with people you can trust year-in and year-out who also know the complexities of the long term care industry.

Tax Support Tailored For You

Let our team be your tax expert so you don’t have to be. Our expert CPAs prepare, review and file your tax returns to keep you compliant and help you be in the best tax situation possible.

Year-Round Availability

We’re here all year to help you make the best tax decisions. Schedule a one-on-one conversation via phone, video call or in person.

Business returns plus one state starting at $1,950
Individual returns starting at $900

Thinking About Jumping In or Moving On?

Start-Up Assistance

If you are looking at starting up your own home care, hospice, nursing facility or assisted living facility we can help you with many decisions as well as provide referrals to other industry professionals as well. We can help establish your back-office systems, setup payroll systems and create an action plan to scale your business.

Acquisition Services

Our team has assisted many buyers when acquiring an existing operation, whether a small, dormant provider number or large, full swing operation. We can help transition the back office, accounting, and payroll systems as well answer questions about cut-off dates, reporting requirements and changes of ownership.

Wind Down Services

When you decide to sell, retire or otherwise move-on there are many things to consider. We will help you prepare for all of the coming changes with filing final cost reports and tax returns, escrow holding accounts, closing up the accounting records and more. For those selling their business, we assess what all needs to be filed for the company and prepare a fixed, bundled package that can be paid for up-front with the sells proceeds to avoid having additional expenses later down the road.

Contact us to discuss your needs and get a personalized quote.

Our Memberships

What Our Clients Are Saying

Initially, we engaged with Knight CPA Group (formerly Amy L. Taylor & Company) to handle our cost reports while we attempted to handle the bookkeeping and other essential accounting tasks. We quickly discovered that we needed deeper knowledge as well as a more efficient process to handle things effectively and engaged in Amy’s group to handle all our back office financial tasks, including payroll. Now everything is streamlined, which saves us both time and money. I highly recommend Knight CPA Group to any small business owner/administrator. They’re friendly, caring, and always willing and able to find the answers I need.

Bill Sanders, President & CEO
INNOVA Home Health

Working with Knight CPA Group (formerly Amy L. Taylor & Company) allows our business to have a comprehensive solution for payroll, tax, and accounting, which makes the financial management of our agency seamless, and saves us time and money. As a single business owner, I appreciate not having to worry about late payments or getting in trouble because something wasn’t handled correctly. Additionally, we’ve reduced our payroll costs because we no longer need to have an employee on staff to handle all of our back office work—and I don’t have to worry about it. Instead, I can focus on running our agency, with the assurance that everything will get done accurately and on time.

Stephen Ciulla, President
1st Choice Home Health Services

We were referred to Knight CPA Group (formerly Amy L. Taylor & Company) in 2005 by TAHC&H (Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice). Our payroll, reports, books, and taxes were in a mess, and Amy’s team stepped right in and had everything up and organized quickly. Our experience with Knight CPA Group has been superb. What sets Amy’s firm apart is their wealth of knowledge about home health care providers and the financial implications of our business. Additionally, they stay on top of changes by attending seminars and continuing education so they can make sure we are up-to-date and in compliance. They know what they are doing.

Shirley Lindsey, CEO
A One Plus Home Health Care Agency

As a client with Knight CPA Group since April 2016, I have found their services to be extremely professional, provided by knowledgeable, competent, service-oriented staff. The owner, Amy Knight, CPA, understands the post-acute industry and strives to support her clients based on this overarching knowledge. Utilizing Knight CPA as a one-stop-shop has taken the sleepless nights out of home health ownership. From weekly bill pay, to monthly financial reporting, annual corporate tax preparation, and yearly cost reports, Knight CPA has provided me with confidence that my organization’s financials will be managed in the best possible way.

Karen Pitcher, Owner
SA Nurses Home Health
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